Spouzal Launches to Offer First Social Network Designed Exclusively to Help Married Couples Thrive

    NEW YORK, NY, October 16, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/Spouzal[1], a social network specifically geared toward connecting and supporting married couples, has launched to welcome new members to its exclusive platform. Now, couples around the country can join and be grouped with four to six other couples based on interests, goals and more. The all-encompassing program provides couples with the tools they need to maintain a healthy and happy marriage.

Three tiers of memberships are available: Virtual, Elite and Elite Plus. Offerings include hand-selected groups which are referred to as Marriage Boards (similar to a corporate board), RED Experiences that provide luxury activities for all group members to enjoy, a dedicated relationship expert to provide resources if needed and RED Retreats, which are planned annually to help Marriage Boards celebrate and reflect on their yearlong journey together.

While the pandemic shifted many interactions – work, social gatherings, clubs – to virtual platforms, the demand for genuine human connection is skyrocketing. Even more, research has shown that married couples that spend time with other married couples are more attracted to one another, further fueling the demand for tailored social experiences. Spouzal’s networking platform is meant to bring couples closer together through introducing them to new couples of all ages and backgrounds. This is done through tech-enabled interviews and surveys, in order to create a diverse mix, spanning multiple generations, for each Marriage Board.

In addition to a curated Marriage Board, professional services and RED Experiences and Retreats, members also receive access to a secure portal, where couples can engage with members outside their Marriage Board and even create forums to have productive conversations around common interests. For members located in New York, RED Dinners are also available and allow couples to enjoy dinner at some of the city’s most exclusive restaurants. And, on a monthly basis, member-wide events are held, which can include access to movie premiers, health and wellness seminars or performing arts experiences. As the Spouzal network continues to rapidly grow, events will be added to cities nationwide, accordingly.

For more information on Spouzal events, pricing and its member connection portal, please visit: community.spouzal.com/signup

About Spouzal

Spouzal is a private network focused exclusively on connecting and supporting married couples of all different backgrounds, ages and interests through luxury experiences, retreats and a supportive community. For more information on memberships and how to join, please visit: spouzal.com.

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